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When it comes to indoor playgrounds, the Adventure Kids get around. They love to play outside, of course, but in Indiana, we can’t always count on the weather to cooperate. We love looking for new places to let out energy inside, so as soon as Kid’s Planet opened in Brownsburg, Indiana in the spring of 2017, we were there.

Let us tell you why we love this indoor playground and what you should know before visiting! 

Bonus: We recently threw a birthday party at Kid’s Planet! Our experience with the party can be found at the end of this post. 


Kid’s Planet is located in Brownsburg, Indiana, which is about 30 minutes northwest of downtown Indy. The playground is located in a warehouse building just a few minutes of off I-74. It’s location is easy-to-access and is close to many restaurants and stores. 

Four-Level Playground

The Adventure Kids love exploring the four-level indoor playground at Kid’s Planet. This area is designed for kids ages 3-14. Inside of the enclosed playground, there are:

  • Slides
  • Tunnels
  • Climbing walls
  • Climbing nets
  • Giant blocks
  • Ball cannons
  • Trampoline
  • Foam pit
  • Giant Connect Four game
  • Spinners

Toddler Area

Kid’s Planet has a separate toddler area for kids ages 3 and under. In this area, there are:

  • Slides
  • Ball pit
  • Stacking blocks
  • Rocking “horses”
  • Rotating giant octopus
  • Rotating giant merry-go-round (see pics)

Parent Supervision

As a parent, you can decide how involved you want/need to be with your toddler. Adults can purchase socks and enter the toddler area and the bottom level of the four-story playground.

If you don’t feel comfortable with your toddler being out of sight, then you can play too! If you want to give your toddler more freedom, you can sit on a stool right outside of the toddler area gate and watch him/her play. This is what we did with our younger Adventure Kid when we first started visiting. He loved having freedom but also being able to see us there while he was playing. 

For the bigger kids, this is not a drop-off playground. An adult will need to stay on-site at all times with the children. However, there is free wifi available. Many adults fire up their computers or tablets and do what they need/want to do while their kids are playing. 


The #1 feature we like most about this indoor playground is that the kids have a hard time escaping. The Adventure Kids have escaped other playgrounds before, so we are especially wary of places where we can’t see all of the exits! The playground and toddler area at Kid’s Planet is in its own separate room with heavy doors separating it from the lobby and arcade. Kids can come in and out of the playground at will, but they cannot leave the playground room without walking past the benches where parents sit. This gives parents an opportunity to sit down and chill without worrying that they’ll run out into the lobby. This definitely makes us feel safer. 

Also, similar to other play places, Kid’s Planet gives each child and adult a wristband upon entering. Before exiting, you must show your wristbands to the employees in the lobby. This ensures that no one leaves with their guardians.

Another part of the experience at Kid’s Planet that makes us feel safe is that there are employees stationed throughout the toddler area and playground. These employees are physically capable of helping kids who get stuck. They also can help retrieve lost socks and coax kids out who don’t want to leave. The latter happens quite often with the Adventure Kids! 


Every time we’ve visited Kid’s Planet, we are pleasantly surprised by the level of cleanliness they are able to maintain. I have witnessed employees sanitizing and wiping down many areas of the playground. The restrooms are cleaned regularly and have changing stations. They also have hand sanitizing stations in all areas of the building.


There is a concession stand upstairs with plenty of booths and table seating if you want to take a break and eat a snack. They sell pizza, chips, drinks, pretzels, nachos, fruit, and a few other items. All food and drinks must remain in the concession area. No outside food or drinks are allowed in Kid’s Planet except water. 


Kids under 2 can play for up to 2 hours for only $5.99. Kids ages 2-14 can play for 2 hours on Monday through Friday for $10.99 and for 2 hours on Saturday and Sunday for $12.99. Kid’s Planet offers discounts for those in the military, for those who buy multi-pass packages, and for those bringing groups of 5 or more kids. We’ve also found discount admission tickets on Groupon, so make sure you check the Groupon site before you go.  


As is the case with most indoor playgrounds, Kid’s Planet requires that you purchase their socks in order to play. Their non-slip socks are $1.99 per pair and can be used over and over again. You cannot wear other socks inside of the play areas. 


Each child will need a waiver on file that is signed by his/her guardian. You can fill out the waiver online prior to your visit. The waiver remains active for 1 year. 


The arcade area is clean and has a variety of games for all ages. You’ll need to purchase arcade cards to play these games. The cards also keep track of “virtual tickets” kids can earn to purchase small toys at the redemption desk. 


Recently, our younger Adventure Kid had his Avengers birthday party at Kid’s Planet. We were so impressed with the whole experience. Everything was beautiful, well-organized, and fun. Party pricing depends on four things:

  1. The day of the week you’ll be visiting
  2. The number of children attending the party
  3. Whether or not you’ll be ordering pizza (must be ordered through Kid’s Planet)
  4. Whether or not you want to pay for arcade games

If booking a party, Kid’s Planet allows you to choose from 20 different themes, so our Adventure Kid chose Avengers. For the party, here’s what Kid’s Planet supplied:

  • A beautifully and fully-decorated party room
  • An attentive and friendly party host
  • Plates, napkins, and plasticware
  • Drinks for the children
  • Socks for each child
  • Kid’s Planet t-shirt for the birthday child and a free admission pass for a future visit

Here’s what we were able to bring to the party:

  • Cupcakes and ice cream for the kids and adults
  • Bottled water for the adults
  • Goodie bags for each child (to be passed out at the end of the party)

Everyone had a great time playing and eating cake! Our birthday boy definitely felt special. He said he had the “best day ever!” We highly recommend this party experience if you’re looking for an indoor playground for your child’s next birthday. 

Have you visited Kid’s Planet? What was your favorite part of the facility? 


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