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Indianapolis has so many magical holiday events that it makes it hard to decide what to attend each year. To help us all plan ahead for Christmas fun, we’ve rounded up the family-friendly happenings we have personally enjoyed. If we’ve missed any of your favorites, make sure to let us know in the comments!

Family-Friendly Christmas Activities around Indianapolis

Many of our favorite venues have special holiday programming that we look forward to every year. However, we have found that we have an equal amount of fun driving around town blaring the Christmas tunes and looking at the best light displays. No matter your budget or time constraints, if you’re able to add any of these fun ideas or experiences to your holiday calendar, we know you’ll be pleased:

Family-Friendly Christmas Activities around Indiana

Even though Indianapolis has tons to offer during the holiday season, we also enjoy some other outstanding holiday events around Indiana and just across the border into Kentucky. If trains and boats are your thing, you’ll want to carefully review this list:

Other Christmas Traditions

After listing all of our favorite places, I felt like something was still missing. Then, I remembered that two of our favorite Christmas traditions didn’t make those lists:

That’s our list! Tell us what we missed in the comments.

Merry Prairie Holiday - Circle City Adventure Kids

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